"A Safe Place Where Every Generation Is Empowered To Reach Their Potential In Christ"

Our Mission: To Empower Every Generation

"In a time where people feel entitled, we believe God still empowers."

While many refer to church as the house (Hale) of God, we desire it not to be just a "safe Harbor"' but a House of Instruction or (Halau). We believe such a vision empowers God's people to reach their full potential as Christians.

Our vision is that every generation become paddlers in this life. Everyone does their part and we all do better.

Our Identity

In January of 2015 as Pastor Dan was seeking direction for GT Church, he was given a clearer image of our identity.


  1. Our identity is found in Jesus Christ and the Cross.
  2. We are a multi-generational church.
  3. We are a Legacy Church with a rich history in the state of Hawaii.
  4. We have always been and remain a spirit-filled ministry true to our Pentecostal roots.