Impact Kids Children's Ministry

For ages 3-5 and grades 1st to 6th

(Nurser available from January of 2024)

Aloha and welcome to Impact Kids! This is our Children's Church Ministry available during our Sunday 8:30 am Live Service. We are privileged to minister to your children from ages 3-5 and from 1st grade to 6th Grade. 

To be of assistance to our Children Church Volunteers we ask that you carefully read the following guidelines and follow them as to provide a safe and Teachable environment for them all.

1. If you know your child has cold symptoms or has been in contact with anyone with Covid, we are trusting you to keep them at home until they have tested negative and have been quarantined. If your child displays such symptoms one of our volunteers will notify you and transfer them back for your care.

2. Children under the age of 3 will not be allowed in Children's Church and cannot accompany an older child. (We do not allow this so the teachers and helpers can focus on their age groups.)

3. Children must be signed-in upstairs, and will be seated with parents or a guardian until the end of Praise and Worship. They will then be accepted into Children's Church downstairs.

4. Children need to be signed-out by the parent who signed them in.