Hawaii's Very First Assembly of God Church

Rev. Bernice Strickland was busy establishing an Assembly of God Church in Savannah, Georgia when she felt a call to Hawaii and began pioneering a work here in Hilo, Hawaii which is now Glad Tidings Church.  

On April 12th, 1929 she began that journey while just in her early twenties.  Bernice was saved under the preaching of Uldine Uitley a 13 year old child evangelist in 1925.  Uldine was responsible for helping finance Bernice's travel to Hawaii.  Glad Tidings Church Hilo is the result of their efforts - making us the very First Assembly of God Church in the state of Hawaii. Uldine was a disciple of Aimee Semple Mcpherson who began preaching at age 17 and became the founder of The Foursquare Churches. 89 year later we are still here. 

Our roots run deep into the move of the Holy Spirit throughout America. Below is a portion of a past history wall dedicated to showing the progression that journey has taken since then.  Pastor Dan continually reminds us that we steward the root of the Pentecostal movement in Hawaii.  Part of that vision is to help Christians live a Spirit-empowered life - learning to Connect, Grow, Serve, Go and Worship. There is no other life more exciting that we can live than connecting with God and other believers as we serve Him fulfilling our purpose in life.