Every Person a Paddler

As Covid-19 contact cases have recently increased on the Big Island we have chosen to return to Online Services and ZOOM Meeting Fellowship once again. Sunday Podcasts will be up on Saturday and be available for viewing with attached lessons for download. Sunday ZOOM Fellowship starts at 9am.

Click here to Join us is on our Podcast page.

There is an art to navigating this journey we call life and none of us can do it alone. Jesus bridged us to God so we could help master the art of living purposeful and fulfilling lives. Our desire is to be a part of God's plan to help you on that journey. We purpose to provide a safe environment for all to be empowered by God's Spirit to reach their full potential as Christians in their lifetime. With a vision that "Every person become a paddler in life" not just looking out for ourselves but others as well. Join us on the Journey. We don't have to paddle through life alone.