Wednesday ZOOM Meeting 6:30pm

Emergency Prayer meeting tonight. Due to the current Covid-19 protocols for Hawaii. We have replaced our regular Wednesday Evening Bible studies to Online Zoom Meetings. Join us for about an hour of going over our lessons, breaking out into smaller groups, sharing and praying for one another. Below is listed the Current Lesson Plan we will be utilizing on the Book of Revelations. Click on this link to sign-up for free ZOOM app and to join us: WEDNESDAY 6:30pm ZOOM MEETING Go to this next link to get copy of this weeks lesson with answers: This weeks lesson.

Study on Book of Revelation

We are doing a chapter by chapter study of the Book of Revelation. The tile of our resource book is: The Non-Prophets Guide to the Book of Revelation by Author Todd Hampson. The book is available  for purchase at www.Todd or on Kindle or atTodd