"A Safe Place Where Every Generation Is Empowered To Reach Their Potential In Christ"

Our Mission:

1. Be a church that bridges people of all ages into a real relationship with God. Jesus became that bridge for all mankind. No church, denomination or individual can take His place.

2. To bridge people into a real relationship with the Holy Spirit so they can truly live a Spirit-empowered life.

3. To bridge people into a place where they are living fulfilled lives with a God defined purpose.


Bridging is helping people get across through life - one prayer, one day and one week at a time to where God desires and has destined them to be. Living by faith is a daily process.  Jesus prayed for Peter that "his faith would not fail him".  Like Peter, we all need encouragement while going through difficult times. Bridging is having someone come alongside to help us get across during those times. 

Our Identity

In January of 2015 as Pastor Dan was seeking direction for GT Church, he was given a clearer image of our identity.


  1. Our identity is found in Jesus Christ and the Cross.
  2. We are a multi-generational church.
  3. We are a Legacy Church with a rich history in the state of Hawaii.
  4. We have always been and remain a spirit-filled ministry true to our Pentecostal roots.